Sunday, January 21, 2007

1/21/2007 ~ Eric Clapton in Shanghai

On the Rio: Joan Baez ~ Satisfied Mind
I saw Eric Clapton play last night. Phenomenal concert. I was in row 16. Here is the stadium, which holds around 8000 people.

The stadium was only a 20 minute walk from my apartment.

Despite the warnings, most people were taking pictures.

There isn't much security in general. No one checks your bags at the gate, and I was able to walk in with a 7-up bottle (spiced with a little rum). They only sell iced tea, coke and popcorn inside.

Here is the view from my seat.

Here's a picture of Eric on the big screen.

And here's the entire stage.

I did take a few very short video clips with my Canon as well, but they are too large to email or post, but the sound quality is OK. Remind me when we get together to show them.